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Compared with an ordinary office computer that is simply used for everyday computing tasks and browsing the internet, gaming computers are a different breed altogether, hiding bleeding edge technology in sometimes unassuming cases. With so many new video games that come out into the market every month or so, making sure that your PC is capable of playing such games is dependent on the hardware that you initially buy or purchase and install later.Unless you know what components to look for, you might end up being sadly disappointed when trying to install a game and finding that it can’t be played, or that the graphics are too disappointing to make it a pleasurable gaming experience. The best gaming computers require more than just standard hardware. If you plan on getting one, make sure that you are armed with the right information and know exactly where to cut corners if you are trying to save on your purchase.The video card is essentially the most important component of a gaming PC as it offloads the processing of graphics information and allows the rendering of 3D environments to ensure a quality gaming experience. Most video cards advertised as gaming hardware start out with 512 MB of graphic memory, however it is recommended that you get at least 1 GB worth of memory coupled with a fast core clock and memory clock to ensure that you get smooth frame-rates even on larger screens with higher resolutions. In addition to a good video card, the best gaming computers generally have at least dual core processors, 4 GB of DDR 3 memory, and high capacity, high speed hard drives. Although most dual core processors that clock at 2.66 Ghz are enough for most games, getting a quad core processor from Intel or even 6-core processor from AMD are highly recommended. While some people like to cut corners on the hard drive just to get higher specs on other hardware, it is best to get at least 512 GB hard drive space from the start.Other hardware that you may want to consider when getting the best gaming computers is to ensure the ability of expansion of your PC and future-proof it for future expansion. A 700 watt power supply is recommended over the standard 500 watts that is commonly seen on business computers. High speed USB 3.0 ports allow you to connect a plethora of gaming accessories like racing wheels and flight sticks. A gaming keyboard is an accessory that you might want to consider as it will allow you to pre-program specific functions and also generally come in a form-factor more suited for extended gaming sessions. The best gaming computers usually top it off with a large widescreen LCD or LED monitor that allow you to fully appreciate your games. Upgrade this from the get-go and pair it off with quality 2.1 or 5.1 surround speakers depending on the size of your room.

Why Buying Your Gaming Computer May Be Better Than Building – Game Computer

Building your own gaming computer may be cheaper and more rewarding, but there might be some pitfalls out there that builders fail to see. Here are four reasons why buying a high performance gaming computer from a company may be better idea than building one yourself.1. You may not have the right knowledge
Building a computer may seem like a simple process. In essence, it’s fitting several different parts into a shiny black box and turning it on. However for a first time builder, problems may arise that you won’t necessary be able to fix yourself. Common problems that could occur include motherboard bios errors, incorrect cables fitting and problems when installing the operating system. These are problems that a system builder would come across every day, but they will have the knowledge to fix it themselves.2. Warranty issues
When you buy a gaming computer or any electrical product from a shop, you always have the reassurance that you can always take the item back if something goes wrong. That may not be the case when buying and installing computer components yourself. Manufacturers warranties on computer components generally last between 1-2 year and claim back can be a nightmare. Ringing surround trying to send back your faulty graphics card may sound easy enough but trying to prove that there is something wrong with it over the phone can be a tricky game to play. If you were to buy a computer form a retailer, you can be rest assured that if any problems arise, you will always be able to send it back to them.3. Buying the right components
With so many different brands and ranges on the market at the moment, it may seem daunting buying gaming computer components if you don’t do your research. Different versions of graphics card, processors and motherboards come out every month, so buying the wrong one could make your new computer out of date already. Also prices fluctuate in the computer industry all of the time, so you know need to know when it is good or bad to start building your computer. Also selecting components that are all compatible together can also be difficult. A certain processor may not work with a mother board you just bought.4. Quality of build
When you buy a computer from a retailer you can always expect to take it home turn it on work first time. However when you build your own gaming computer you run the risk of installing the components incorrectly and fail months down the line. For example, not applying enough thermal paste on the processor could lead to important parts burning up prematurely, wiring up the PSU incorrectly may cause short circuits. The build quality for each retailer ranges depending on how much your willing to spend, but you can reply on the product to leave the factory workingTo conclude, building your own computer can be a more cost effective answer to buying a new computer, however you don’t necessarily get the same reassurances and guaranties from building rather than buying from a retailer.